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8chan 8bfd5e1bcd this>el 10 years ago
8chan f8178dcbe4 Color IDs on new posts received via AJAX 10 years ago
8chan 035f8437ab Call on ready, dont pollute window namespace with vars 10 years ago
8chan c3ba4cc7ef Remove prototype pollution, call on ready 10 years ago
anonfagola cbe12019c4 Added pointer cursor to ids, to show clickability 10 years ago
anonfagola 01ce31a516 Added id_colors.js 10 years ago
anonfagola b419c85f8c Forgot .js extension 10 years ago
anonfagola fda530953b Create id_highlighter 10 years ago
8chan cb7b7d070c threadscroll was in template for no reason 10 years ago
czaks ef53af04ec fix a recently added md5 api field 10 years ago
czaks 629b1c92a6 fix a recently introduced quick-reply max-width issue 10 years ago
czaks f2e101f30d fix multi-image.js when quick-reply isn`t loaded 10 years ago
czaks 6c139caf3c style.css: setting default font size is imo a bit invasive 10 years ago
czaks dda7462013 catalog link not always working; fix ctrlcctrlv#88 10 years ago
8chan 6fd3b64c67 Disallow multiple Shrink all images appearing 10 years ago
8chan 56f3d89774 Fix multi image from quick reply 10 years ago
anonfagola d9f20c290d Updated threadscroll.js with bettter compatibility 10 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 9596b6ace3 Merge pull request #92 from kaernyk/master 10 years ago
kaernyk a3c03932c3 Fix mobile scaling/padding 10 years ago
kaernyk c115ebc7e0 Improved image handling in catalog for various screen sizes 10 years ago
kaernyk 2e46875125 Improvements to mobile display on boards/catalog 10 years ago
adonisk d98eb528a5 v8ch.css 10 years ago
czaks ef1ceb4f3b fix catalog margins 10 years ago
kaernyk b223b2b2f8 Remove erroneous data and fix indentation 10 years ago
kaernyk b1ea8b18d0 Improve image handling in catalog to improve consistency 10 years ago
czaks b4b99cd936 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vichan-devel/Tinyboard 10 years ago
kaernyk 359c295eca Correct thread:hover highlighting 10 years ago
kaernyk 153622c068 Corrected changes improperly set in catalog.css 10 years ago
czaks bfb85fc2b1 catalog.css is no longer used 10 years ago
czaks 76439cbdd9 we don`t use tooltipster anymore, do we? 10 years ago
hatstand0 d27cddaacc Add file hash to API 10 years ago
hatstand0 7ea5b129e6 Fix thumbnail width/height in API 10 years ago
Nebs ab2a83d194 Fixes catalog href on a potential /res/ board 10 years ago
Nebs b7592c3eec Fixed unanimating gifs in the catalog 10 years ago
czaks afbe945d83 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vichan-devel/Tinyboard 10 years ago
kaernyk e5ce012a09 Adjust theme via catalog.css & style.css 10 years ago
kaernyk b888500133 Corrected thread padding via style.css 10 years ago
czaks ba515c5f05 post-hover.js: show a popup preview if a reply is only partially on screen; fixes ctrlcctrlv#84 10 years ago
Zealotux f71cdcaa81 Update style.css 10 years ago
8chan e81d016ffa Attempt to fix scroll to anchor issue 10 years ago
czaks dbaeb395ac auto-reload.js: it`s actually setTimeout, not setInterval, right? 10 years ago
czaks ed5272f17d auto-reload.js: don`t scroll up 10 years ago
8chan 5d8d20fcc5 Add timer to auto reload js 10 years ago
TheHowl 7cac637c36 oh hey look I just fixed #8 search.php 10 years ago
czaks 40409f8717 fix reference to oekaki in readme; fixes vichan-devel#89 10 years ago
czaks 3b2f448102 restore compatibility with php < 5.5; fixes vichan-devel#86 10 years ago
czaks b2d574fec3 Update README.md; fixes ctrlcctrlv#38 ;) 10 years ago
anonfagola b9886dc474 Update threadscroll.js 10 years ago
anonfagola 712e7f6c57 Update threadscroll.js 10 years ago
anonfagola f5d121af10 Update threadscroll.js 10 years ago