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discomrade 631a5b5fc7 Update composer.lock 7 months ago
discomrade 31b97dd61d Fixes for delete-stray tool and cli.php 7 months ago
discomrade fcb7944a35 Added Feature - Premade Ban Reasons 7 months ago
nonmakina 6f2e953bd5 Matrix report integration (#74) 8 months ago
nonmakina 42553d830a use more cache. Speeds up page builds (#72) 8 months ago
nonmakina 09a79093bd Merge pull request 'Adds saboteur banner' (#68) from banners2022_03_01 into config 9 months ago
nonmakina 41fd253788 Merge branch 'config' into banners2022_03_01 9 months ago
discomrade 985d6f4dd6 Fix status.php 9 months ago
Your Name 3c74f3b34a Adds saboteur banner 9 months ago
discomrade 4d3988bc7c Added multiple file select dialog for post form 10 months ago
discomrade 0950d4d09d Solve dynamically loaded threads not being filtered. Possibly a hack-fix. 11 months ago
discomrade 7f72c0c6f4 Update jQuery libraries 11 months ago
discomrade b7019fb8b5 Fix multiple issues with anti_bump_flood 11 months ago
discomrade 2fe1d617a5 Fix deprecated size() in quick-post-controls.js 11 months ago
discomrade ed73ee76cc Remove useless debug messages 11 months ago
Daniel Saunders b0b30ad755 $board can be NULL here, prevent indexing it 3 years ago
Sardach 32cb9db6b7 insignificant fix 2 years ago
discomrade dd7737eee2 Consider nonoko in building after posting, improve comments 11 months ago
discomrade 7c2b091e32 Fix missing function log.php from PHP8 changes 11 months ago
discomrade ad772c90b7 Update author info 11 months ago
discomrade 5190d63f48 Merge pull request 'Make compatible with PHP 8' (#67) from php8-compat into config 11 months ago
discomrade e906ac7451 Refactor rebuilding after posts, finish reply requests before rebuilding index 11 months ago
discomrade a33644c213 Fix redis deprecation of delete 11 months ago
discomrade fed7d6a3e8 Merge vichan PHP8 fixes, configure composer, fix outstanding incompatibilities 1 year ago
discomrade 1272da97e5 Allow users to disable and clear (You)s 11 months ago
discomrade c5814178ae Add Redneck flag 11 months ago
discomrade 19eca78ace Minor adjustment to birthday CSS 12 months ago
discomrade 4a67df855b Birthdady themeing 12 months ago
discomrade 8c8083ba61 Make snow off-by-default due to lag 12 months ago
discomrade 973b7d94e8 [HACK] Hide <tinyboard> tags in CSS 12 months ago
discomrade b3db9c52b7 Enable winter snow 12 months ago
discomrade 2a11efd859 Fix typo in blur-images.js 12 months ago
discomrade 3d3c0de678 Update RAF flag 1 year ago
discomrade e0e53d9bec Add banner 1 year ago
discomrade 9321c98883 Add RAF flag 1 year ago
discomrade 846c11f934 Add IP address link to ban appeals 1 year ago
discomrade 2a105dc587 Update site rules 1 year ago
discomrade 0e98c35dc5 Quick hack to prevent oversized PDF thumbnails. 1 year ago
discomrade 199f9f5fd0 Merge pull request 'Only add drag-drop handlers to dropzone, not the entire document' (#64) from file-drag-dropzone-only into config 1 year ago
discomrade f62d9c6a96 Only add drag-drop handlers to dropzone, not the entire document 1 year ago
discomrade 680c91764e Merge pull request 'Set default values for ban form' (#62) from ban-form-defaults into config 1 year ago
discomrade ab366688c8 Add default ban length of 1 hour instead of permanent ban 1 year ago
discomrade 4febc6aa77 Make bans default to board of offending post 1 year ago
discomrade b493f2cc02 Merge pull request 'Improve page titles and social media cards' (#61) from index-page-header-seo into config 1 year ago
discomrade ca9a85e9f1 Improve page titles and social media cards 1 year ago
discomrade 44a2a569d1 Move logo to default location 1 year ago
discomrade 6119973498 Move logo to config variable 1 year ago
discomrade ba6b4f1bab Tidy up theme.php 1 year ago
discomrade 0eeb42b3ce Merge pull request 'Move upload-selection.js call inline' (#60) from upload-selection-inline into config 1 year ago
discomrade 409fbdf24a Make file-selector.js inline call conditional 1 year ago