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<div class="ban">
<h2>{% trans %}Search{% endtrans %}</h2>
<form style="display:inline" action="" method="get">
<label style="display:inline" for="search">{% trans %}Phrase:{% endtrans %}</label>
<input id="search" name="search" type="text" size="40" value="{{ search }}">
<select name="board">
<option value="none">{% trans %}Select board{% endtrans %}&hellip;</option>
{% for b2 in boards %}
{% if b2 == b %}
<option value="{{ b2 }}" selected>/{{ b2 }}/</option>
{% else %}
<option value="{{ b2 }}">/{{ b2 }}/</option>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
<input type="submit" value="{% trans %}Search{% endtrans %}" />
<p style="font-size:8pt;margin:5px">
{% trans %}Search is case-insensitive and based on keywords. To match exact phrases, use "quotes". Use an asterisk (*) for wildcard.</p><p style="font-size:8pt;margin:5px">You may apply the following filters to your searches: <strong>id</strong>, <strong>thread</strong>, <strong>subject</strong>, and <strong>name</strong>. To apply a filter, simply add to your query, for example, <em>name:Anonymous</em> or <em>subject:"Some Thread"</em>. Wildcards cannot be used in filters.{% endtrans %}