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* WARNING: This is a project-wide configuration file shared by all Tinyboard users around the globe.
* If you would like to make instance-specific changes to your own setup, please use instance-config.php.
* This is the default configuration. You can copy values from here and use them in
* your instance-config.php
// Database stuff
// SQL driver ("mysql", "pgsql", "sqlite", "dblib", etc)
define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql', true);
// Hostname or IP address
define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost', true);
// Login
define('DB_USER', '', true);
define('DB_PASSWORD', '', true);
// TinyBoard database
define('DB_DATABASE', '', true);
// Anything more to add to the DSN string (eg. port=xxx;foo=bar)
define('DB_DSN', '', true);
// The name of the session cookie (PHP's $_SESSION)
define('SESS_COOKIE', 'imgboard', true);
// Used to safely determine when the user was first seen, to prevent floods.
// time()
define('TIME_COOKIE', 'arrived', true);
// HASH_COOKIE contains an MD5 hash of TIME_COOKIE+SALT for verification.
define('HASH_COOKIE', 'hash', true);
// Used for moderation login
define('MOD_COOKIE', 'mod', true);
// Where to set the 'path' parameter to ROOT when creating cookies. Recommended.
define('JAIL_COOKIES', true, true);
// How long should the cookies last (in seconds)
define('COOKIE_EXPIRE', 15778463, true); //6 months
// How long should moderators should remain logged in (0=browser session) (in seconds)
define('MOD_EXPIRE', 15778463, true);
// Make this something long and random for security
define('SALT', 'wefaw98YHEWUFuo', true);
define('SECURE_TRIP_SALT', '@#$&^@#)$(*&@!_$(&329-8347', true);
// How many seconds before you can post, after the first visit
define('LURKTIME', 30, true);
// How many seconds between each post
define('FLOOD_TIME', 10, true);
// How many seconds between each post with exactly the same content and same IP
define('FLOOD_TIME_IP_SAME', 120, true);
// Same as above but different IP address
define('FLOOD_TIME_SAME', 30, true);
// Do you need a body for your non-OP posts?
define('FORCE_BODY', true, true);
// Max body length
define('MAX_BODY', 1800, true);
define('THREADS_PER_PAGE', 10, true);
define('MAX_PAGES', 10, true);
define('THREADS_PREVIEW', 5, true);
// For development purposes. Turns 'display_errors' on. Not recommended for production.
define('VERBOSE_ERRORS', true, true);
// Error messages
define('ERROR_LURK', 'Lurk some more before posting.', true);
define('ERROR_BOT', 'You look like a bot.', true);
define('ERROR_TOOLONG', 'The %s field was too long.', true);
define('ERROR_TOOLONGBODY', 'The body was too long.', true);
define('ERROR_TOOSHORTBODY', 'The body was too short or empty.', true);
define('ERROR_NOIMAGE', 'You must upload an image.', true);
define('ERROR_NOMOVE', 'The server failed to handle your upload.', true);
define('ERROR_FILEEXT', 'Unsupported image format.', true);
define('ERROR_NOBOARD', 'Invalid board!', true);
define('ERROR_NONEXISTANT', 'Thread specified does not exist.', true);
define('ERROR_LOCKED', 'Thread locked. You may not reply at this time.', true);
define('ERROR_NOPOST', 'You didn\'t make a post.', true);
define('ERROR_FLOOD', 'Flood detected; Post discared.', true);
define('ERROR_UNORIGINAL', 'Unoriginal content!', true);
define('ERROR_MUTED', 'Unoriginal content! You have been muted for %d seconds.', true);
define('ERROR_YOUAREMUTED', 'You are muted! Expires in %d seconds.', true);
define('ERROR_TOR', 'Hmm… That looks like a Tor exit node.', true);
define('ERROR_TOOMANYLINKS', 'Too many links; flood detected.', true);
define('ERROR_NODELETE', 'You didn\'t select anything to delete.', true);
define('ERROR_INVALIDPASSWORD', 'Wrong password…', true);
define('ERR_INVALIDIMG','Invalid image.', true);
define('ERR_FILESIZE', 'Maximum file size: %maxsz% bytes<br>Your file\'s size: %filesz% bytes', true);
define('ERR_MAXSIZE', 'The file was too big.', true);
define('ERR_INVALIDZIP', 'Invalid archive!', true);
// Moderator errors
define('ERROR_INVALID', 'Invalid username and/or password.', true);
define('ERROR_NOTAMOD', 'You are not a mod…', true);
define('ERROR_INVALIDAFTER', 'Invalid username and/or password. Your user may have been deleted or changed.', true);
define('ERROR_MALFORMED','Invalid/malformed cookies.', true);
define('ERROR_MISSEDAFIELD', 'Your browser didn\'t submit an input when it should have.', true);
define('ERROR_REQUIRED', 'The %s field is required.', true);
define('ERROR_INVALIDFIELD', 'The %s field was invalid.', true);
define('ERROR_BOARDEXISTS', 'There is already a %s board.', true);
define('ERROR_NOACCESS', 'You don\'t have permission to do that.', true);
define('ERROR_INVALIDPOST', 'That post doesn\'t exist…', true);
define('ERROR_404', 'Page not found.', true);
// Reply limit (deletes thread when this is reached)
define('REPLY_LIMIT', 250, true);
// For resizing, max values
define('THUMB_WIDTH', 225, true);
define('THUMB_HEIGHT', 225, true);
// Store image hash in the database for r9k-like boards implementation soon
// Function name for hashing
// sha1_file, md5_file, etc.
define('FILE_HASH', 'sha1_file', true);
define('BLOCK_TOR', true, true);
// Typically spambots try to post a lot of links. Refuse a post with X standalone links?
define('MAX_LINKS', 20, true);
// Maximum image upload size in bytes
define('MAX_FILESIZE', 10*1024*1024, true); // 10MB
// Maximum image dimensions
define('MAX_WIDTH', 10000, true);
define('MAX_HEIGHT', MAX_WIDTH, true);
/* When you upload a ZIP as a file, all the images inside the archive
* get dumped into the thread as replies.
* Extremely beta and not recommended yet.
define('ALLOW_ZIP', false, true);
Redraw the image using GD functions to strip any excess data (commonly ZIP archives)
WARNING: Very beta. Currently strips animated GIFs too :(
define('REDRAW_IMAGE', false, true);
// Redrawing configuration
define('JPEG_QUALITY', 100, true);
define('REDRAW_GIF', false, true);
// Display the aspect ratio in a post's file info
define('SHOW_RATIO', true, true);
define('DIR_IMG', 'src/', true);
define('DIR_THUMB', 'thumb/', true);
define('DIR_RES', 'res/', true);
define('DIR_STATIC', 'static/', true);
// Where to store the .html templates. This folder and templates must exist or fatal errors will be thrown.
define('DIR_TEMPLATE', getcwd() . '/templates', true);
// The root directory, including the trailing slash, for Tinyboard.
// examples: '/', '', '/chan/'
define('ROOT', '/', true);
// Static images
// These can be URLs OR base64 (data URI scheme)
define('IMAGE_STICKY', ROOT . DIR_STATIC . 'sticky.gif', true);
define('IMAGE_LOCKED', ROOT . DIR_STATIC . 'locked.gif', true);
define('DELETED_IMAGE', ROOT . DIR_STATIC . 'deleted.png', true);
define('ZIP_IMAGE', ROOT . DIR_STATIC . 'zip.png', true);
// If for some reason the folders and static HTML index files aren't in the current working direcotry,
// enter the directory path here. Otherwise, keep it false.
define('ROOT_FILE', false, true);
define('POST_URL', ROOT . 'post.php', true);
define('FILE_INDEX', 'index.html', true);
define('FILE_PAGE', '%d.html', true);
define('FILE_MOD', 'mod.php', true);
// Multi-board (%s is board abbreviation)
define('BOARD_PATH', '%s/', true);
// The HTTP status code to use when redirecting.
// Should be 3xx (redirection).
// "302" is recommended.
define('REDIRECT_HTTP', 302, true);
// Robot stuff
// Strip repeating characters when making hashes
define('ROBOT_ENABLE', true, true);
define('ROBOT_BOARD', 'r9k', true);
define('ROBOT_STRIP_REPEATING', true, true);
// Enable mutes
define('ROBOT_MUTE', true, true);
define('ROBOT_MUTE_HOUR', 50, true); // How many mutes X hours ago to include in the algorithm
define('ROBOT_MUTE_MULTIPLIER', 2, true);
define('ROBOT_MUTE_DESCRIPTION', 'You have been muted for unoriginal content.', true);
Mod stuff
// Whether or not to lock moderator sessions to the IP address that was logged in with.
define('MOD_LOCK_IP', true, true);
// The page that is first shown when a moderator logs in. Defaults to the dashboard.
define('MOD_DEFAULT', '/', true);
// Don't even display MySQL password to administrators (in the configuration page)
define('MOD_NEVER_REAL_PASSWORD', true, true);
// Do a DNS lookup on IP addresses to get their hostname on the IP summary page
define('MOD_DNS_LOOKUP', true, true);
// Show ban form on the IP summary page
define('MOD_IP_BANFORM', true, true);
// How many recent posts, per board, to show in the IP summary page
define('MOD_IP_RECENTPOSTS', 5, true);
// Probably best not to change these:
define('MOD_JANITOR', 0, true);
define('MOD_MOD', 1, true);
define('MOD_ADMIN', 2, true);
// Permissions
// What level of administration you need to:
/* Post Controls */
// View IP addresses
define('MOD_SHOW_IP', MOD_MOD, true);
// Delete a post
define('MOD_DELETE', MOD_JANITOR, true);
// Ban a user for a post
define('MOD_BAN', MOD_MOD, true);
// Ban and delete (one click; instant)
define('MOD_BANDELETE', MOD_BAN, true);
// Delete file (and keep post)
// Delete all posts by IP
define('MOD_DELETEBYIP', MOD_BAN, true);
// Sticky a thread
define('MOD_STICKY', MOD_MOD, true);
// Lock a thread
define('MOD_LOCK', MOD_MOD, true);
// Post in a locked thread
define('MOD_POSTINLOCKED', MOD_MOD, true);
// Post bypass unoriginal content check
// Raw HTML posting
define('MOD_RAWHTML', MOD_MOD, true);
/* Administration */
// Display the contents of instant-config.php
define('MOD_SHOW_CONFIG', MOD_ADMIN, true);
// View list of bans
define('MOD_VIEW_BANLIST', MOD_MOD, true);
// View the username of the mod who made a ban
define('MOD_VIEW_BANSTAFF', MOD_MOD, true);
// If the moderator doesn't fit the MOD_VIEW_BANSTAFF (previous) permission,
// show him just a "?" instead. Otherwise, it will be "Mod" or "Admin"
define('MOD_VIEW_BANQUESTIONMARK', false, true);
// Show expired bans in the ban list (they are kept in cache until the culprit returns)
define('MOD_VIEW_BANEXPIRED', true, true);
// Create a new board
define('MOD_NEWBOARD', MOD_ADMIN, true);
// Mod links (full HTML)
// Correspond to above permission directives
define('MOD_LINK_DELETE', '[D]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_BAN', '[B]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_BANDELETE', '[B&amp;D]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_DELETEFILE', '[F]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_DELETEBYIP', '[D+]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_STICKY', '[Sticky]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_DESTICKY', '[-Sticky]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_LOCK', '[Lock]', true);
define('MOD_LINK_UNLOCK', '[-Lock]', true);
// A small file in the main directory indicating that the script has been ran and the board(s) have been generated.
// This keeps the script from querying the database and causing strain when not needed.
define('HAS_INSTALLED', '.installed', true);
// Name of the boards. Typically '/%s/' (/b/, /mu/, etc)
define('BOARD_ABBREVIATION', '/%s/', true);
// Automatically convert things like "..." to Unicode characters ("…")
define('AUTO_UNICODE', true, true);
// Use some Wiki-like syntax (''em'', '''strong''', ==Heading==, etc)
define('WIKI_MARKUP', true, true);
// Whether to turn URLs into functional links
define('MARKUP_URLS', true, true);
// Complex regular expression to catch URLs
define('URL_REGEX', '/' . '(https?|ftp):\/\/' . '(([\w\-]+\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,6}|\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3})' . '(\/([\w\-~\.#\/?=&;:+%]+)?)?' . '/', true);
// Allowed file extensions
$allowed_ext = Array('jpg', 'jpeg', 'bmp', 'gif', 'png', true);
define('BUTTON_NEWTOPIC', 'New Topic', true);
define('BUTTON_REPLY', 'New Reply', true);
// The string passed to date() for post times
define('POST_DATE', 'm/d/y (D) H:i:s', true);
define('ALWAYS_NOKO', false, true);
define('URL_MATCH', '/^' .
(preg_match(URL_REGEX, ROOT) ? '' :
(@$_SERVER['HTTPS']?'https':'http') .
':\/\/'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) .
preg_quote(ROOT, '/') .
'(' .
str_replace('%s', '\w{1,8}', preg_quote(BOARD_PATH, '/')) .
'|' .
str_replace('%s', '\w{1,8}', preg_quote(BOARD_PATH, '/')) .
preg_quote(FILE_INDEX, '/') .
'|' .
str_replace('%s', '\w{1,8}', preg_quote(BOARD_PATH, '/')) .
str_replace('%d', '\d+', preg_quote(FILE_PAGE, '/')) .
'|' .
preg_quote(FILE_MOD, '/') .
'\?\/.+' .
')$/i', true);
ini_set('display_errors', 1);