Source code of Leftypol imageboard
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Savetheinternet 6d82894b82 ... 12 years ago
contrib ... 12 years ago
locale/ru_RU/LC_MESSAGES Compiled new .mo for ru_RU 13 years ago
cache.php Started on internationalization (i18n) 13 years ago
config.php Fixed bug with some embedded YouTube videos (containing _ or -) 12 years ago
database.php Ensure UTF-8 for MySQL 12 years ago
display.php ... 12 years ago
functions.php Temporary fix for some gettext issues. 12 years ago
image.php patched bug/issue #24 13 years ago
instance-config.php Change of instance-config defaults 13 years ago
mod.php Fixed bug in removeBan() 13 years ago
remote.php better error message for "unknown auth method" 13 years ago
template.php minor bug with previous commit 12 years ago
user.php block loading include files directly 13 years ago