Source code of Leftypol imageboard
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Michael Save 3b17f32047 increased board uri/title/subtitle character limits 12 years ago
contrib prohibit using same anti-bot hashes across different boards/threads 12 years ago
locale typo 12 years ago
cache.php optional cache prefix for multiple tinyboard instances on one machine 12 years ago
config.php allow mods to bypass forced anonymity (and other disabled fields). also fixed some small per-board permission bugs 12 years ago
database.php SQL query compression for debug view 12 years ago
display.php experimental post editing (for mods) 12 years ago
functions.php typo... 12 years ago
image.php Imagick's clonse() depreciated as of 3.1.0b1; use clone PHP keyword and bump minimum PHP version to 5.2.5 12 years ago
instance-config.php Change of instance-config defaults 13 years ago
mod.php increased board uri/title/subtitle character limits 12 years ago
remote.php better error message for "unknown auth method" 13 years ago
template.php escape HTML in debug data 12 years ago
user.php removed cookies that have been superfluous and unused for a year 12 years ago