Source code of Leftypol imageboard
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Savetheinternet 6c0edc997c ... 13 years ago
themes Attempt at fixing RRDTool theme... 13 years ago
error.html transition to Twig 13 years ago
index.html Fixed bug with page links when automatic HTML minifying is enabled 13 years ago
login.html transition to Twig 13 years ago
main.js Place stylesheet selector as the last element, not the second last. 13 years ago
page.html Footer version string pulled from .installed 13 years ago
post_reply.html ... 13 years ago
post_thread.html ... 13 years ago
posts.sql update SQL files for v0.9.4-dev-2 13 years ago
thread.html Added config option to automatically remove unnecessary whitespace when compiling HTML files from templates 13 years ago