Source code of Leftypol imageboard
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Savetheinternet 38c53c9002 missing `global $config;` 12 years ago
contrib Use template instead of inline HTML for ban messages. 12 years ago
locale Last finnish translations for the day 12 years ago
cache.php Started on internationalization (i18n) 13 years ago
config.php ... 12 years ago
database.php SQL query compression for debug view 12 years ago
display.php custom capcode fix 12 years ago
functions.php Fixed bug affecting Safari. Safari seems to like to send the client-side part of URLs (#) in the referrer. 12 years ago
image.php patched bug/issue #24 13 years ago
instance-config.php Change of instance-config defaults 13 years ago
mod.php missing `global $config;` 12 years ago
remote.php better error message for "unknown auth method" 13 years ago
template.php Moving <hr/> in debug text 12 years ago
user.php removed cookies that have been superfluous and unused for a year 12 years ago