Source code of Leftypol imageboard
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Savetheinternet 160647d196 newline after CLI errors 13 years ago
contrib transition to Twig 13 years ago
config.php use template files instead of hardcoded HTML for generating psots 13 years ago
database.php ... 13 years ago
display.php newline after CLI errors 13 years ago
functions.php more effective thread index caching 13 years ago
image.php patched bug/issue #24 13 years ago
instance-config.php Change of instance-config defaults 13 years ago
mod.php ... 13 years ago
remote.php better error message for "unknown auth method" 13 years ago
template.php replace hardcoded "templates/" directory with appropriate config directive 13 years ago
user.php block loading include files directly 13 years ago