Source code of Leftypol imageboard
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Savetheinternet 4c1935a6b6 per-board bans 13 years ago
contrib/recaptcha reCAPTCHA support 13 years ago
config.php comment 13 years ago
database.php "debug" thing 13 years ago
display.php target="_blank" on images 13 years ago
functions.php per-board bans 13 years ago
image.php transparent background on SVG and other iamge formats 13 years ago
instance-config.php Change of instance-config defaults 13 years ago
mod.php per-board bans 13 years ago
remote.php remote servers -- writing to another server via SSH 13 years ago
template.php fixed but telling non-mods they have an unread PM sometimes 13 years ago
user.php block loading include files directly 13 years ago