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Jano Slota d37a5194f5 Updated Slovak translation 2 10 years ago
cs_CZ/LC_MESSAGES Added Czech translation 11 years ago
fi_FI/LC_MESSAGES change finnish locale contact email 10 years ago
lt_LT/LC_MESSAGES add lithuanian translation by marjo @ #opfuckmorsy. it's sorta outdated and incomplete, so you'd better update. 10 years ago
pl_PL/LC_MESSAGES update polish translation 10 years ago
pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES Brazilian Portuguese translation for Tinyboard 11 years ago
ru_RU/LC_MESSAGES Compiled new .mo for ru_RU 13 years ago
sk_SK/LC_MESSAGES Updated Slovak translation 2 10 years ago
tr_TR/LC_MESSAGES Turkish locale 10 years ago