264 Commits (d34e4f682837b5f338241f48d6c68692855186a8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
towards_a_new_leftypol d34e4f6828 WIP 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall a666b044a9 Fixes delete board regression thanks, as per 31e27a51c2 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 391f63e31f Rebuild themes after stickying or locking post, so that catalog gets rebuilt 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 7aae5ed3e9 Handle mcrypt_create_iv deprectation by using randombytes in newer PHP versions 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 67ef23d758 Only set thread if we can get thread when warning, and fix theme uninstallation 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 6041e37216 Add warning without ban, joke capcode support, SC editor support, home link support, table for calender theme / extension, removing boardalias duplicate citations in markup and other features 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 13f856189b Merge pull request from vichan-devel/vichan#220 from kekukin/patch-1 Fixed uninstall error for themes. 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 176b1f5494 Add merge thread functionality as a moderator feature (shadow threading and leaving OP is not yet supported) and board filter to Recent Posts iinterface. 7 years ago
Kitty Cat f978c1b83e Use random_bytes() to generate IV where available (PHP 7.x) 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 47a45da7a7 Fix mod_view_board for ukko / overboard theme / extension. Add support for boards_alias to mod_view_board and initial preliminary support to markup for crossboard citations 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall ddbabcccab Implemented mods can't access random from dashboard #88. Please note this doesn't use mod custom_pages functionality provided by vichan (because the that only works if your overboard has name that doesn't look like other boards), and requires ['overboards'] to be set as an array of board uri's which are overboards, with the correct values for type (theme type e.g. ukko, rand or semirand) title, subtitle, thread_limit and exclude in array of for each board uri 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 0ba23fcf01 Deleting all posts by IP (D++) doesn't seem to work properly #87 Changing query inside the while loop to query2 in order to delete all posts, not just the first post. 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 454acf0566 Add JSON interface to Recents Posts functionality, e.g. mod_recent_posts 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 6c06045c03 #87 Attempt to change the error message associated when using deletebyip e.g D++ with autotagging of deletions enabled. 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 9229b280c7 Added check for post time being empty string, in order to handle the case that occurs when a deleted post is deleted a second time. 7 years ago
Benjamin Southall 3b35eb46a9 Add autotagging feature for deletion. E.g. automatically generate an IP note when a post is deleted by moderator action. 7 years ago
Michael D. Reiley 8951cb74c8 Rebuild index when mod deletes a thread. 8 years ago
jove 8e0a8b1251 Fixes two bugs preventing replies from being moved. 8 years ago
jove 272635a370 Fixes an error reporting typo. 8 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 505adffcdc Cyclical threads ♺ 9 years ago
8chan d788131202 Allow a board called news to exist 9 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 95b1e103cb Edit static pages commit 9 years ago
8chan 7911c374e8 Public action logs commit (log.php) 9 years ago
8chan 7a7574bdca SECURITY / XSS : ?/edit allowed arbitrary HTML to be added by any user thru addition of <tinyboard raw html>1</tinyboard> 9 years ago
czaks cd01191072 those parts are extraneous 8 years ago
8chan 3eb755ee7e Move login check in inc/mod/auth.php to a function 9 years ago
8chan Admin 93f748e6a8 Security: capitalization of mods username is significant 10 years ago
czaks 77176faece enable javascript in mod panel 8 years ago
czaks 7c3126866c ease the migration process for the previous security patch (by introducing another migration); restore php 5.4 compatibility (introducing a polyfill system) 8 years ago
czaks caaf741691 [SECURITY] keep up with modern password hashing standards 8 years ago
Michael Walker 61d9dacdfb When banning/deleting a post, return to the thread, not the board index (unless deleting the OP) 9 years ago
Michael Walker 649255c9b9 When deleting a post, return to the thread, not the board index (unless deleting the OP) 9 years ago
Michael Walker 4184fdec6e Pass the thread ID when banning/deleting 9 years ago
czaks 2d9214ac63 version check should point at engine.vichan.net and not tinyboard.org actually 9 years ago
czaks 4c1d2f924c fix error while installing themes; thanks xixi 9 years ago
czaks b78b3db010 uncache themes on settings change 9 years ago
czaks 2f7aeec531 ... 9 years ago
czaks 58b60f0aa4 ... 9 years ago
czaks bdb6001f3f support for slugified links; may introduce a few bugs 9 years ago
czaks 9b3fa77719 new banlist implementation; also includes a public banlist 10 years ago
8chan c4dc3f4d47 Fix spoiler image not working 10 years ago
kaf fe60590d19 Check spoiler_image size before ussuming it is 128×128px 10 years ago
Juan Tamad 53ada6a5ff added option for showing the mod in ban page. 10 years ago
8chan ef7556194c Fix 55ch cancer; can now see next page of posts, ?/recent uses templating system 10 years ago
czaks f97d2dff85 fix previous commit 10 years ago
czaks 9526f5ed1c fix #72 10 years ago
czaks 2c883fda0a fix ban appeals; thanks to sraczynski for reporting 10 years ago
Chen-Pang He 7933abd271 Fix vichan #65 10 years ago
czaks 23d6e82038 $_SERVER[HTTPS] isn`t being always set; fixes #65 10 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 4f070d16e5 Congrats, you broke the mod page on non-secured servers @jdh8 10 years ago