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czaks b55ebcd0ef custom alert: now alert will be able to display custom HTML 9 years ago
czaks f9308ff28d fix options.js textareas 9 years ago
8chan b2cbb70da3 Khorne in #8chan on irc.rizon.net contributed this thread watcher. 9 years ago
czaks ccd871c195 missed ban-list.css from banlist commit 9 years ago
czaks 906764a62f bundle longtable library @ https://github.com/czaks/longtable 9 years ago
czaks 6804a2ede0 remove default margin for table elements; fixes vichan-devel#95 9 years ago
kaernyk 944c3b6c28 Fix post width & codeblocks 9 years ago
8chan 6cfb1eb656 Merge bui-boardlist-css, close ctrlcctrlv/8chan#104 9 years ago
anonfagola cbe12019c4 Added pointer cursor to ids, to show clickability 9 years ago
kaernyk e10f0885af Change body font back to 10pt 9 years ago
kaernyk f4455cf64d Remove duplicate attributes 9 years ago
kaernyk 0fa1c58249 Improve thread/title handling on small screens 9 years ago
kaernyk 78cf4a8b56 Improve catalog thread dimensions on tiny devices 9 years ago
czaks 629b1c92a6 fix a recently introduced quick-reply max-width issue 9 years ago
czaks 6c139caf3c style.css: setting default font size is imo a bit invasive 9 years ago
kaernyk a3c03932c3 Fix mobile scaling/padding 9 years ago
kaernyk c115ebc7e0 Improved image handling in catalog for various screen sizes 9 years ago
kaernyk 2e46875125 Improvements to mobile display on boards/catalog 9 years ago
adonisk d98eb528a5 v8ch.css 9 years ago
czaks ef1ceb4f3b fix catalog margins 9 years ago
kaernyk b223b2b2f8 Remove erroneous data and fix indentation 9 years ago
kaernyk b1ea8b18d0 Improve image handling in catalog to improve consistency 9 years ago
kaernyk 359c295eca Correct thread:hover highlighting 9 years ago
kaernyk 153622c068 Corrected changes improperly set in catalog.css 9 years ago
czaks bfb85fc2b1 catalog.css is no longer used 9 years ago
czaks 76439cbdd9 we don`t use tooltipster anymore, do we? 9 years ago
kaernyk e5ce012a09 Adjust theme via catalog.css & style.css 9 years ago
kaernyk b888500133 Corrected thread padding via style.css 9 years ago
Zealotux f71cdcaa81 Update style.css 9 years ago
czaks d233344534 style options dialog 9 years ago
czaks c5c356e077 css/options.js: style option dialog in yotsuba/dark/dark roach and roach styles 9 years ago
czaks 3919ad911c fix previous commit 9 years ago
czaks ac888a769d add a very small image size for catalog 9 years ago
czaks 56e55d157a remove a special containerchan stylesheet; it added some extra space for webms 9 years ago
czaks f7a015e7fe add user-options dialog functionality; port webm-settings to it; make a basic general settings applet; make it work on mobiles 9 years ago
czaks 4d25ca85ce live-index.js: initial commit 9 years ago
czaks ff1ea29755 fix imgops size in a futaba+vichan style 9 years ago
Jano Slota 31f0c1f1e3 Open image identification links in new tabs 9 years ago
Jano Slota 46c07d3566 Change styling of fileinfo, add iqdb search 9 years ago
czaks 4a0c87c7e1 Revert "Update jQuery UI to 1.11.0, GeoIPv6 and IP library" 9 years ago
czaks 4881575b39 Revert "Oekaki's going to work now. Trust me" 9 years ago
Jano Slota 7b339f7f56 Oekaki's going to work now. Trust me 9 years ago
Jano Slota dca7570b32 Update jQuery UI to 1.11.0, GeoIPv6 and IP library 9 years ago
8chan 8d8563a20d Fix scroll to issues with post-hover.js, clean up highlightReply 9 years ago
8chan 1d6f46d9bb Fix scroll to issues with post-hover.js, clean up highlightReply 9 years ago
8chan dfe8ddc340 Disable-able animated GIFs in a non-shitty way (unlike wizardchan) 9 years ago
czaks 02f1514c70 fix single file metadata display in multifile; fixes #611 9 years ago
Jano Slota c67f4ba897 Updated Font Awesome to 4.1.0 9 years ago
Jano Slota 844d724b62 Optimized images 9 years ago
Fredrick Brennan de524c64d9 Attempt to fix styling issue http://i.imgur.com/owHv6sE.png 9 years ago