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czaks 3f9e76020c move Tinyboard license 9 years ago
Michael Reiley 677e428a4d Update copyright years. 9 years ago
czaks 9e0a095666 move the containerchan files to a dedicated directory so that we can preserve history 9 years ago
ccd0 674b2e8f1a add files 10 years ago
Michael Save 7a68fc9525 Copyright and license update for 2013. 11 years ago
Michael Save 1311bc977c 2012 update 12 years ago
Savetheinternet 1ca037732f License change 12 years ago
Savetheinternet e5d9aa67a1 Updated license 12 years ago
Savetheinternet 4ac2a39193 updated license 12 years ago