2774 Commits (9c30e380d81789df990b8c58faccae5a5067a856)

Author SHA1 Message Date
czaks c8913f41a7 compact-boardlist.js: initial commit 10 years ago
czaks 863b446a11 catalog theme styling fix 10 years ago
czaks a2a1ca8dc8 quick-reply.js: let's settle on disabled floating link by default 10 years ago
czaks 8781d5ee67 toggle-locked-threads.js: fix outstanding bug and make it work with ukko 10 years ago
czaks 557fbe91b4 download-original.js: fix interactions 10 years ago
czaks ab661f9a5c display errors for CLI utils by default 10 years ago
czaks 08e4fd9a0a declare active_page for page.html template 10 years ago
czaks a4d3aedab8 customize javascripts to run on catalog 10 years ago
czaks 2382603b4d fix hide-images.js interactions (should be STI-safe) 10 years ago
czaks c918953d33 catalog theme: integrate with the styling framework of tinyboard; allow for js 10 years ago
czaks 8a2df689df config.php: clarify comment to mean quick-reply-old, as now it's named 10 years ago
czaks 533b17f788 post-hover.js: overlay previewed posts over quick-reply window 10 years ago
czaks bcf28619a3 quick-reply.js: i18n 10 years ago
czaks 6e02796ec5 update polish translation 10 years ago
czaks 1daa46e82c fix interaction between quick-reply and upload-selecton 10 years ago
czaks 9d8718d01a fix previous commit 10 years ago
czaks dfd32615f3 unify code with post_thread (see previous commit) 10 years ago
czaks c23c792a21 fix clicking on post ids with dynamically loaded javascript 10 years ago
czaks 0d34594904 add missing thumbnails for themes: catalog and sitemap 10 years ago
czaks ef927882e0 remove rrdtool theme; STI told me that it never really worked 10 years ago
czaks 09b7b6a116 categories theme: include boardlist for real 10 years ago
czaks fbb3fe2df8 ukko: hiding boards was not permanent 10 years ago
czaks f50eb94929 quick-reply.js: make display of embed and remote upload fields optional 10 years ago
czaks 0894a65f88 quick-reply.js: fix interaction with upload-selection.js 10 years ago
czaks 118cd77a4d fix error on repost blockade: the expression had a bug 10 years ago
czaks 13dbde96f4 fix ajax.js errors workings 10 years ago
czaks 533443ac79 post.php: fix spaces 10 years ago
undido 6d1cb03a3d small fix "an unknown error occured" 10 years ago
root 82972927d5 added: nonoko 10 years ago
czaks fa28560982 auto-reload.js: add a number indicating new posts in the tab title 10 years ago
czaks 42ae3550f9 auto-reload.js: tweak timeouts, so now it gets new posts even if not at bottom 10 years ago
czaks 6620c10b7b quick-reply.js: reposition the elements 10 years ago
czaks 803704db6d ajax.js: fix a cache problem: clicking back sometimes makes submit button disabled 10 years ago
czaks 37fe209290 fix sql error in ukko when using db prefix. thank you based bush 10 years ago
czaks f5657caf24 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/savetheinternet/Tinyboard into vichan-devel-4.5 10 years ago
Michael Foster 9fb63b053f new event: markup-url 10 years ago
Michael Foster f5422cad65 Um. I accidentally deleted this code for some reason. 10 years ago
Michael f953e63123 Merge pull request #145 from Desuneko/patch-1 10 years ago
Desuneko a665f16aed install.php: fixed a typo 10 years ago
Michael Foster a3c3ef6068 Required PHP version is now 5.3. Deal with it, nerds. Fuck everyone who still hasn't upgraded. 10 years ago
Michael Foster c8062fbf76 CSRF more mod pages 10 years ago
Michael Foster 00f4da3b82 $config['referer_match'] = false to disable 10 years ago
Michael Foster de70fb6253 $config['error']['lurk'] was last used in 2010 I think 10 years ago
Michael Foster 964bb83300 OK, now it is secure. 10 years ago
Michael Foster 299b0e3f2f filehash filter condition 10 years ago
Michael Foster 9cf6814776 Fix secure tripcode hardening 10 years ago
Michael Foster 699279d84a Hardened secure tripcode? 10 years ago
Michael Foster d234c014f0 ?/debug/apc with cache prefixes 10 years ago
Michael Foster 04cfeaf01c hide expired cache shit 10 years ago
Michael Foster 6eefc5ea2a . 10 years ago