173 Commits (80dc724738310b5c86ff43a7b3c6977ccd74e965)

Author SHA1 Message Date
towards_a_new_leftypol 80dc724738 lots of print statements 2 years ago
towards_a_new_leftypol c595bfbabd print statements and relax rules in config 2 years ago
Paradox 698cf8eadd Update install.php 6 years ago
ReCaffeinated eccc26b757 This prevents a crash due to instance-config.php not existing, it will now check if the file exists and if not creates the file 6 years ago
czaks 5e335a8564 preliminary inbound nntpchan support 6 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 505adffcdc Cyclical threads ♺ 7 years ago
czaks 91c02c3ec4 board pages: add a migration 6 years ago
czaks aa98ca337e i think this lump of code deserves a version bump; v5.1.0 here 6 years ago
czaks 89fe3db556 ... 6 years ago
czaks 985c113190 ... 6 years ago
czaks 8dac72e924 update installer 6 years ago
czaks 7c3126866c ease the migration process for the previous security patch (by introducing another migration); restore php 5.4 compatibility (introducing a polyfill system) 6 years ago
czaks caaf741691 [SECURITY] keep up with modern password hashing standards 6 years ago
czaks bdb6001f3f support for slugified links; may introduce a few bugs 7 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski fe196be399 install.php: php 5.4 suggestion, remove imagick suggestion 8 years ago
czaks b3a2c62cbd tag for 4.9.92 8 years ago
kpcyrd 9a98d518a0 Fix is_writable check for templates/cache 8 years ago
czaks 3ef5e9c0c8 tag for vichan-4.5.2 8 years ago
czaks f4fd816202 tag for 4.5.1 8 years ago
czaks 030895d074 remove two extraneous fields from 4.5 to 5.0 migration 8 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 9b170ceae7 Fix issue #63 for new migrations 8 years ago
czaks 61ec084ee6 tag for vichan-4.5.0 8 years ago
czaks 8f021a35a6 i knew that i broke it... 8 years ago
czaks 81c3f02d28 warn about moving to 5.0 branch 8 years ago
copypaste 613c64c97d fix upgrade path 8 years ago
copypaste c0e82e077f fix upgrade path 8 years ago
copypaste a96f28afc0 fix upgrade path 8 years ago
czaks 6685333bd3 don‘t abort upgrade if REBUILD isn‘t supported 8 years ago
copypaste c483e1258c multiimage posting 8 years ago
czaks 4f5ba1d822 tag for 4.4.98 fixes #47 8 years ago
czaks 08e72939b0 we are not releasing 4.4.98 yet 8 years ago
czaks ba89b7731d enhance tinyboard -> vichan upgrade path 8 years ago
czaks 65014b7867 update installation code 8 years ago
czaks 5bdccc29c9 tag for vichan-devel-4.4.97 8 years ago
czaks ca0e00d03e tag for vichan-devel-4.4.96 8 years ago
czaks f8ab67011c tag for vichan-devel-4.4.95 8 years ago
czaks ebcbd8ebba tag for vichan-devel-4.4.94 8 years ago
czaks 8d3c7796ed tag for vichan-devel-4.4.93 8 years ago
czaks c61a16d41e tag for vichan-devel-4.4.92 8 years ago
Desuneko a665f16aed install.php: fixed a typo 9 years ago
Michael Foster 0f777519e3 forgot to increment version number 9 years ago
Michael Foster e36cce7903 schema for ban appeals 9 years ago
Michael Foster c7c297b8a6 Finish upgrade to new bans table 9 years ago
Michael Foster 3e57bb04d7 Begin upgrade to much better bans table. DO NOT PULL YET; It won't work. 9 years ago
Michael Foster eea4e42609 Add ability to create custom user/permissions groups 9 years ago
Michael Foster 33737fd723 CHARACTER SET not needed here 9 years ago
Michael Foster f309e4037c Better and faster basic flood prevention, while merging it into $config['filters']. 9 years ago
Michael Foster af357b5661 another index change 9 years ago
Michael Foster 9494e0185c new index on bans table 9 years ago
Michael Foster 22fcca343f New index in post tables for listing threads slightly faster (index pages) 9 years ago