631 Commits (80dc724738310b5c86ff43a7b3c6977ccd74e965)

Author SHA1 Message Date
towards_a_new_leftypol 80dc724738 lots of print statements 2 years ago
towards_a_new_leftypol c595bfbabd print statements and relax rules in config 2 years ago
towards_a_new_leftypol 3fc760640c Print statements everywhere 2 years ago
gamer551 1c0551edad
anti bump flood (#173) 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall c1b0012920 Fix cross board linking support for board aliases. Note this doesn't have overboard support yet 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall 2404e6074c Fixes You look like a bot (reCaptcha window doesn't appear) #159, straight implementation of upstream https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/pull/241, but I bumped the jquery version. 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall 81d0bd72c0 Add support for gopher url:// markup as hyperlinks 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall 66cfae8f3f Change capcode binding from int to string, needed for newer PHP support 4 years ago
Benjamin Southall 6041e37216 Add warning without ban, joke capcode support, SC editor support, home link support, table for calender theme / extension, removing boardalias duplicate citations in markup and other features 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 257ead7313 Merge pull request from vichan-devel/vichan#200 from seisatsu/patch-2 Fix typo in max_images comment , Adding early 404 staged from 40fe35fedc 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 47a45da7a7 Fix mod_view_board for ukko / overboard theme / extension. Add support for boards_alias to mod_view_board and initial preliminary support to markup for crossboard citations 6 years ago
Benjamin Southall bf1e627c59 Thumbnails for PDFs / other things #6 When locale fails to be loaded fallback on C.UTF-8 instead of C, so that boards with unicode characters in the name are not stripped by escape_shell_args 6 years ago
Benjamin Southall 302a27742a Added support for anonymous name generator to be a function in addition to being an array of names 6 years ago
Benjamin Southall c9edbdc1c8 Add support for ignoring URLs when using word filters 6 years ago
jove bbb8075166 Overhauls error handling. 6 years ago
Michael Walker 96ed11a536 Revert "Error overhaul" 6 years ago
jove 77b99b2c4f Finishes error reworking. 6 years ago
ReCaffeinated d0d83ab8d7 We're reworking the error handler# 6 years ago
czaks 0b19051891 fix a notice; increase waiting time for dns 6 years ago
czaks 11cecf8452 Revert "[BUG] Image reject repost board option now also affects YT embeds" 6 years ago
czaks d2bb4a776f fail gracefully on no thumbnail 6 years ago
czaks 8a46c7a0d5 tesseract OCR support for spamfilters 6 years ago
czaks 52fe9bc873 fix sane_strategy for advanced build. should fix the ajax.js problem. 6 years ago
czaks f24e0f9814 optimize out openboard when we don`t need it. a big performance improvement too 🏎 6 years ago
czaks 12e6aba5d4 (2/2) advanced build. implement a daemon that will build static pages. 6 years ago
czaks e265375475 fixup 6 years ago
czaks b6f0317bde advanced build (1/2): a small refactor of index generating procedure; generation strategies 6 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 505adffcdc Cyclical threads ♺ 8 years ago
czaks ab02a42725 maybe we can try to load Parsedown, after all we can silence the error 6 years ago
czaks d726eaf195 we don't have a htmlpurifier yet ;_; 6 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 95b1e103cb Edit static pages commit 8 years ago
8chan 7911c374e8 Public action logs commit (log.php) 8 years ago
8chan 6dd1420f91 Add event to quote backlinks 8 years ago
8chan ce3ce4f1b6 Fix *0 secure tripcodes caused by accidentally feeding + signs to crypt() 8 years ago
8chan 7831da83fc New event: rebuildpost, allows you to bind events to ?/edit 8 years ago
Fredrick Brennan b476b66007 [BUG] Image reject repost board option now also affects YT embeds 7 years ago
czaks 126ee42b9d better rules for stripping combined chars, based on 45c0d327619 by @ctrlcctrlv 6 years ago
8chan 7a7574bdca SECURITY / XSS : ?/edit allowed arbitrary HTML to be added by any user thru addition of <tinyboard raw html>1</tinyboard> 8 years ago
8chan 6b04b3c671 Fix post deletion 8 years ago
czaks 77176faece enable javascript in mod panel 6 years ago
czaks a42256b296 locale cache: fix a bug when perms are done wrong 6 years ago
czaks 36b78e5f98 fix for editor highlighting 6 years ago
czaks 7c3126866c ease the migration process for the previous security patch (by introducing another migration); restore php 5.4 compatibility (introducing a polyfill system) 6 years ago
Michael Walker d46428b5b7 Trim leading newlines and trailing whitespace from code blocks. 7 years ago
czaks 706feeddff fix cache_config: webms were thumbnailed twice and with the latest addition, they couldn`t resize at all 7 years ago
Matěj Grabovský b25b443e55 Fix a few fatal errors 7 years ago
Matěj Grabovský 1f409a6f4d Fix a few fatal errors 7 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 4014682882 fileboard support 8 years ago
czaks 197d5f236f [code] tag support 8 years ago
czaks 094f60d34d try_smarter: fix two bugs. 1. uncovered by the second, during a bump only the page the thread was on and first page were rebuild, despite threads rearranging their positions on the remaining pages. happening always. 2. during smart build, the page wasn`t ordered to be rebuilt 8 years ago