3497 Commits (7fd8c75450200c18c5cf42a839183a55a924cb1e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
czaks 7fd8c75450 don`t rebuild a page, when not needed, even if it doesn`t exist 8 years ago
czaks 6cbd51b83c for fastcgi users: rearrange post.php, sort of, so that posts are created faster, and we can leave php to generate themes in the background 8 years ago
czaks d94143b6c6 fix wpaint & file-selection interaction 8 years ago
topkek e6da7b4682 clean up options code 9 years ago
topkek 8de9b68f5f checkbox for tree view 9 years ago
topkek 1888e174b3 chrome fix 9 years ago
topkek d67351534a toggle tree view 9 years ago
topkek 2256604dad add global option for tree view 9 years ago
czaks 960053af75 catalog: fix for embed youtube on https 8 years ago
Markerov 6363d8d247 change to use onready() 9 years ago
Markerov 2f7127a3cb Catalog Search 9 years ago
czaks a8982ce0a9 f+v.css ... 8 years ago
czaks de1a9fe568 futaba+vichan.css: do proper styling 8 years ago
czaks 0e805c25d8 file-selector.js: allow file dropping anywhere 8 years ago
czaks 745bdc2b6c password is text nao, fuck you chrome 8 years ago
Anonish d3d54b8c76 Update quick-reply.js 8 years ago
anonish c74fc6cefb QR fix for tablet (portrait) mode in laptops 8 years ago
czaks 388e87746e small tweaks to stylesheet 8 years ago
czaks 765dea599b trivial fixes to file-selector.js 8 years ago
marktaiwan 6f94a06586 file selector: correct typo, click event target 8 years ago
marktaiwan e42ffb2768 fix file selector element reference 8 years ago
8chan 419d69b4ee ayylmao @marktaiwan 8 years ago
8chan f26256f55a Make file selector work, add to config 8 years ago
marktaiwan 6e84a25f9a Adds keyboard focus to file selector 8 years ago
marktaiwan 4da073b6e8 Keep quick-reply and main form in sync 8 years ago
marktaiwan 0005f11098 initialize file selector soon as it's loaded 8 years ago
marktaiwan 3bd7f94861 Fallback for browsers that disables javascript 8 years ago
marktaiwan d7f82c58fd Run on index and thread 8 years ago
czaks 5a9af83ba6 better slugify support for api 8 years ago
marktaiwan 48cd7438a1 initial commit file-selector.js 8 years ago
8chan 0f1d506586 Change this message again 8 years ago
8chan d3cc27ff5c Handle XHR errors better 9 years ago
8chan 4083c92dbe Stop double posting AJAX bug 9 years ago
8chan 61371f77ce rebuild2 - multithreaded rebuild script 8 years ago
czaks e35d261ff4 enable embed field for api 8 years ago
8chan 4a22ee9245 Extra files and IDs in API 9 years ago
czaks 300e9e7e71 fix some png images being discarded 8 years ago
czaks 8f30b02c97 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vichan-devel/Tinyboard 8 years ago
czaks 5d8e023fc4 remove tinyboard special markup from slugs; thanks stigma for reporting 8 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski cdac85bb2b Merge pull request #133 from JasonPuglisi/horizontal-quick-reply-resize 8 years ago
Jason Puglisi 25c2a18a71 Made quick-reply box resizable horizontally 8 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 8eb3d709f7 Merge pull request #129 from JasonPuglisi/active-content-fix 8 years ago
czaks 10f93d0d43 implement a protection against transparent proxies 8 years ago
czaks 9fa320838b wpaint has new dependencies – important! 8 years ago
czaks 11c020be9b Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vichan-devel/Tinyboard 8 years ago
czaks 81afc17b67 image identification: url encode 8 years ago
czaks 158371dc64 switch to hotwheels' wPaint branch 8 years ago
Jason Puglisi 034b288a13 Fixed to work with multiple images 8 years ago
Jason Puglisi 1283e51ca5 Fixed and re-enabled active content stat for recent theme 8 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski d4d5f59451 Merge pull request #128 from JasonPuglisi/img-id-space-fix 8 years ago