556 Commits (7fd8c75450200c18c5cf42a839183a55a924cb1e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
czaks 7fd8c75450 don`t rebuild a page, when not needed, even if it doesn`t exist 8 years ago
czaks 5d8e023fc4 remove tinyboard special markup from slugs; thanks stigma for reporting 8 years ago
czaks 10f93d0d43 implement a protection against transparent proxies 8 years ago
czaks 3851087dce slug size should be configurable 8 years ago
czaks 4bf525599e ... 8 years ago
czaks a2544bc596 ... (cites) 8 years ago
czaks 9f34d334d3 .. 8 years ago
czaks 7623de9e2f ... (cache) 8 years ago
czaks d690567b44 ... (minor fix for locales) 8 years ago
czaks 0062125f5c ... 8 years ago
czaks fe7e9c5103 ... 8 years ago
czaks 429c9f890f ... 8 years ago
czaks f4bba2e9ed ... 8 years ago
czaks bdb6001f3f support for slugified links; may introduce a few bugs 8 years ago
czaks bffe03e651 rearrange config processing a bit 8 years ago
czaks 0ab8890b67 tools/rebuild: show currently rebuilded themes 8 years ago
czaks 3a552e5b76 hopefully fix locales 8 years ago
czaks dfd05e88f9 possible fix of themes` interactions 8 years ago
wopot c7351dff09 4 times "elseif" is not the way 8 years ago
Bui aba8d27ace wasn't aware of DNS function 8 years ago
Bui 1e95e58811 don't break if dns_system is true 8 years ago
Bui 8b9932218f add forward-confirmed reverse DNS 8 years ago
kaf 9cee5f6c61 [bugfix]ban appeals (was also present in tinyboard) 8 years ago
Juan Tamad 53ada6a5ff added option for showing the mod in ban page. 9 years ago
8chan e28f233e3d Close #51: Prevent players from cheating the dice roller by using markup 9 years ago
8chan 1ea3da1db6 Merge Barrucadu/diceroll into master 9 years ago
czaks c3662d4a59 handle tinyboard flags with length=0 9 years ago
czaks 9b943da60a Revert "Rework the GeoIP code, add country-based poster names" 9 years ago
czaks a9b035d822 Revert "Second rework of the GeoIP code, now supporting cities!" 9 years ago
Jano Slota 2488e77e86 Second rework of the GeoIP code, now supporting cities! 9 years ago
Jano Slota db3c7f4ee9 Rework the GeoIP code, add country-based poster names 9 years ago
Jano Slota 4adf893c39 Random names for anonymous users - thanks to svnth 9 years ago
Chen-Pang He 97069ea490 Introduce $config['gzip_static'] 9 years ago
Techan eb2a468a09 Improve protection from displaying errors to visitors 9 years ago
czaks b12612ac57 fix sql error as reported by a Romanian anon 9 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 9b3f8421fc Fix displaying bans 9 years ago
czaks 8d4104feb0 restore php5.3 compatibility. thx for Kihokki for reporting that 9 years ago
czaks 211c1acec9 actually fix this bug 9 years ago
czaks 9416587d40 fix a bug with multiple images; thanks to saiko of tahta.ch for reporting it 9 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 042e7b9c59 Deprecate postControls(), per-file deletion and spoilering 9 years ago
copypaste c483e1258c multiimage posting 9 years ago
czaks a9c35844c7 fix themes resetting the board 9 years ago
czaks b33e8cb10d fix previous commit 9 years ago
ctrlcctrlv 465986d06c use all boards for search.php if boards are not specified 9 years ago
kaf f83c87b623 Added: /pol/-like flags based on a953229de7 9 years ago
czaks 2d34274672 fix posting of ı and İ, possibly a bit more xD 9 years ago
czaks 5a73af9ea1 add a webm posthandler 9 years ago
czaks 2a41c37fee fix link_prefix. thanks to anon on http://tinyboard.org/demo/mod.php?/sup/res/1210.html 9 years ago
czaks 75cca1ffb2 fix previous commit 9 years ago
czaks 58615845ad allow basic commenting of locale string 9 years ago