2912 Commits (7eb2bef107e45e5fc33e063ad9ea52c3b2ce4878)

Author SHA1 Message Date
czaks 5ae8406236 typo @ vichan-devel#41 10 years ago
czaks eaef338dce watch.js + hide-threads.js integration; fixes vichan-devel#40 10 years ago
czaks 808a5ab8f6 well, this actually fixes vichan-devel#41 i believe 10 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 9109096ea8 watch.js: update status on new own posts as fast as possible. fixes vichan-devel#41 10 years ago
czaks 46d527ecf6 update jquery to 1.10.2; change "bind" to "on" everywhere; fixes vichan-devel#27 10 years ago
czaks 0620f13392 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/savetheinternet/Tinyboard 10 years ago
czaks 46e9b30225 add one file to the previous commit 10 years ago
czaks c043c42445 add copyright notices for javascripts based on commit history 10 years ago
czaks b07d66e55f update polish translation 10 years ago
czaks 9c1cdb7636 toggle-locked-threads.js: update to font-awesome-3.0 11 years ago
czaks 676294ddfc font-awesome-3.0: fix style 11 years ago
czaks 900b4174cc fix double quoting in links. thanks STI for reporting that 11 years ago
czaks b06df1b03b dark_roach.css: fix font 11 years ago
itsCrafted a9579e6fa5 Update to Font Awesome 4.0.3 11 years ago
Riku Rouvila f4c8c5aa0a change finnish locale contact email 11 years ago
czaks c0190bbd64 update google analytics code 11 years ago
czaks e88a0f02ec inc/image.php: i18n 11 years ago
czaks 0986f77113 sitemap theme: fix php notice 11 years ago
czaks 2049341b70 youtube.js related fixes done by a Finland Anon on /devel/ 11 years ago
czaks 9c17183e41 hide-images.js: bugfix 11 years ago
czaks 7ec82f878e post-hover.js: fix long loop 11 years ago
czaks 0fb513d9ae update polish translation 11 years ago
czaks 0c449f32db quick-reply.js: let's settle on disabled floating link by default 11 years ago
czaks d7bcdfa81a download-original.js: fix interactions 11 years ago
czaks 22869ce015 fix hide-images.js interactions (should be STI-safe) 11 years ago
czaks bb3f3db0cd config.php: clarify comment to mean quick-reply-old, as now it's named 11 years ago
czaks e36beda9b0 post-hover.js: overlay previewed posts over quick-reply window 11 years ago
czaks 39d18faa35 quick-reply.js: i18n 11 years ago
czaks 1d7f3798c4 update polish translation 11 years ago
czaks 9b62a2db65 fix interaction between quick-reply and upload-selecton 11 years ago
czaks 1a88ea3271 fix previous commit 11 years ago
czaks f0a13ea874 unify code with post_thread (see previous commit) 11 years ago
czaks 7ae9b05b28 fix clicking on post ids with dynamically loaded javascript 11 years ago
czaks 3718081470 add missing thumbnails for themes: catalog and sitemap 11 years ago
czaks 198e68d399 remove rrdtool theme; STI told me that it never really worked 11 years ago
czaks a294fb6952 categories theme: include boardlist for real 11 years ago
czaks 4eb08945b7 quick-reply.js: fix interaction with upload-selection.js 11 years ago
czaks 8bd99be6f1 fix error on repost blockade: the expression had a bug 11 years ago
undido 4537ef7f47 small fix "an unknown error occured" 11 years ago
czaks 212a191ff4 auto-reload.js: add a number indicating new posts in the tab title 11 years ago
czaks 5817194be4 auto-reload.js: tweak timeouts, so now it gets new posts even if not at bottom 11 years ago
czaks f8f0da92d4 quick-reply.js: reposition the elements 11 years ago
czaks f6415f7d69 ajax.js: fix a cache problem: clicking back sometimes makes submit button disabled 11 years ago
czaks c61a16d41e tag for vichan-devel-4.4.92 10 years ago
czaks 1c6b178dc5 add copyright notices for javascripts based on commit history 10 years ago
czaks 29642bba3e fix documentation of upload-selection.js ( vichan-devel/Tinyboard#26 ) 10 years ago
czaks e150237657 document compact-boardlist.js more ( vichan-devel/Tinyboard#26 ) 10 years ago
czaks 302f13b181 document titlebar-notifications.js more ( vichan-devel/Tinyboard#26 ) 10 years ago
czaks 1115d0e27d document watch.js some more ( vichan-devel/Tinyboard#26 ) 10 years ago
czaks 666e5e5a5f remove chrome-board-expanding-fix.js: we don't support nested boards in boardlist anyway at the current time 10 years ago