3593 Commits (706feeddff55ecafc397137dbc005890fdef963d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
czaks 706feeddff fix cache_config: webms were thumbnailed twice and with the latest addition, they couldn`t resize at all 9 years ago
czaks f6efdee873 expand-video.js: fix regexp 9 years ago
czaks 77bec71399 expand-video.js: works with .mp4 now as well 9 years ago
czaks a54488d900 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vichan-devel/Tinyboard 9 years ago
czaks 1136cc0e44 reflect in readme, that we support .mp4 files as well now 9 years ago
czaks ccd00c497c a stricter check for webm processing 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 11d4cb0f4f Merge pull request #155 from 27chan/patch-7 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski ea5ad66a19 Merge pull request #154 from 27chan/patch-8 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski b0eb49de82 Merge pull request #160 from 27chan/patch-10 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 1b099ce072 Merge pull request #158 from 27chan/patch-4 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski ae4cac5200 Merge pull request #156 from 27chan/patch-6 9 years ago
27chan 219c1987a9 Add extension mp4 9 years ago
27chan 6140f13d75 Create image-hover.js 9 years ago
27chan f1cbbbc15a Add extension mp4 9 years ago
27chan 601c8cebc9 Add extension mp4 9 years ago
27chan e6c1623a42 Add extension mp4 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 7aefa96051 Merge pull request #152 from JasonPuglisi/bottom-button 9 years ago
Jason Puglisi 90e4208473 Added [Return] and [Go to bottom] to thread page above posts 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 481f9b1475 Merge pull request #151 from JasonPuglisi/hide-videos 9 years ago
Jason Puglisi c97475d487 Added ability to hide videos/webms 9 years ago
czaks d3d167affb SECURITY: XSS fix for youtube.js/metacafe embed 9 years ago
Anonke 3f29bdfac9 the poster IDs were showing in API despite being disabled 9 years ago
czaks d20149b579 gallery view: right bar should be 12%, not 15% 9 years ago
czaks 501484088b gallery-view: i forgot the stylesheet 9 years ago
czaks 099e347e15 gallery-view: preloading images, webm support 9 years ago
czaks 163a4e699c gallery-view: support key events (up/down/left/right) 9 years ago
czaks 2d9214ac63 version check should point at engine.vichan.net and not tinyboard.org actually 9 years ago
czaks 4c1d2f924c fix error while installing themes; thanks xixi 9 years ago
czaks 3f02985380 gallery-view.js: initial commit 9 years ago
czaks 271dcb7a65 fileboard: fix possible XSS (mainly applicable to 8chan) 9 years ago
czaks b5370fd3e5 fileboard: op tag fix 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 4014682882 fileboard support 9 years ago
czaks 4060bf10ed update copyright years & vichan website 9 years ago
czaks 1b16e97f67 [code] fix regexps 9 years ago
czaks 197d5f236f [code] tag support 9 years ago
czaks 4131a6e563 watch.js: slow down a little bit, let`s see how it works out 9 years ago
czaks cb700e6a72 live index should refresh every 20s 9 years ago
czaks 00ad1ecf15 smart_build: fix one possible performance problem 9 years ago
czaks bdda1613a6 thread-stats.js: final vichan fix, should work now 9 years ago
czaks 2d68972dd7 thread-stats style: add margins 9 years ago
czaks f86be0f44d thread-stats: best viewed inline 9 years ago
czaks c4569b2ea5 thread-stats.js: code typo :^) 9 years ago
czaks 0d0b2fcd7e thread-stats.js: vichan fixes 9 years ago
8chan c4fc827332 some style fixes 9 years ago
Forkless 4b782d6163 Fix thread stats so post count hover works on the OP's id. 9 years ago
8chan cf91daee7c No need to display pruned in two places...especially if server times out / errors 9 years ago
Forkless fdc14c699c Fix color incase page is missed and then found again. 9 years ago
8chan 1aa8f6251d Have to load onready 9 years ago
ForklessAnon 8d45128030 Some code cleanup on thread stats. 9 years ago
ForklessAnon fae2e33c87 Added script for appending thread statistics to the bottom of a thread. 9 years ago