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discomrade 1d6ffb3f5a Add noindex meta tag to 'Last 50 posts' thread pages 4 months ago
discomrade cde4bd129f Remove SSL badge image 4 months ago
discomrade 77da46c424 Remove newlines and modifiers from thread title 4 months ago
discomrade 164a7e5515 Change public Tinyboard and vichan links 6 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 03c6189744 Allow mobile users to zoom in 1 year ago
Benjamin Southall 6041e37216 Add warning without ban, joke capcode support, SC editor support, home link support, table for calender theme / extension, removing boardalias duplicate citations in markup and other features 4 years ago
Benjamin Southall 1c18fcad2a Adding glitch class to h1 to enable glitch CSS effect on test CSS theme 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall e1c9e6126f Fixed go to bottom link from upstream vichan-devel/vichan commit 175b54b7f05129c130b0abec9f8db4af38495969 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall acb8c5db6e Add page wrapper div in order to restrict page width and center content 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall a481b5b4fb Update copyright year in page footer. 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 05569d150a Updated copyright year 5 years ago
czaks 2fa37278db boardlist goes before #top 6 years ago
czaks 33ef3f9b01 synchronize catalog_link 6 years ago
Bui 33ef1d2123 add active page classes to body; czaks: go to bottom @ thread: fixes 6 years ago
8n-tech 6644ff666a Also improved some CSS and HTML aspects of the thread layout. 7 years ago
8chan 6da7f4d25a No more country flags in <title> 7 years ago
czaks 3f29170f1b debrand 8chan; btw. the previous commit was [SECURITY] i think? 6 years ago
8chan ce62673a2c OpenGraph information in thread pages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook_Platform#Open_Graph_protocol 7 years ago
8chan aa0d3395b1 Show first 256 chars of body in <title> 7 years ago
8chan b6f3d44080 Go to bottom link 7 years ago
czaks 293543878a backport parts of 2d6d449bd2d72, in particular html classes 6 years ago
Bui 6c334a3b44 lol spaces 7 years ago
Bui d46bf4e2f2 add id to thread links 7 years ago
czaks 02c3c28a16 main.js: a bit more sane code 6 years ago
czaks 38bf3276e4 update copyright years; remove a link to tinyboard (website is dead) 6 years ago
Simon McFarlane 582cda3c89 Fix scaling on mobile devices 6 years ago
desudesutalk 400b4fd71a Correct bottom link. 6 years ago
desudesutalk 1c3e918159 Update thread.html 6 years ago
desudesutalk 3cb24f1cce return of pages div 6 years ago
desudesutalk 9fcebde134 Update thread.html 6 years ago
Jason Puglisi 90e4208473 Added [Return] and [Go to bottom] to thread page above posts 7 years ago
czaks 4060bf10ed update copyright years & vichan website 7 years ago
Simon McFarlane 2049f4d8f8 Update templates for new stylesheets 7 years ago
Michael Walker ab24c2af57 Put threadlinks in a bar 7 years ago
Michael Walker 2b868ddd48 Change topbar display 7 years ago
Michael Walker b524543bc7 Update boardlist on thread display 7 years ago
Michael Walker befd0a1dc6 Add badges 7 years ago
czaks 7ec728ffb0 add a go to top link thread view; fixes #82 7 years ago
czaks e5c48282c4 apply new branding for vichan-devel 8 years ago
Michael Reiley 677e428a4d Update copyright years. 8 years ago
czaks cdb988c6d4 rename banner class to board_image in order to evade some adblock rules 8 years ago
czaks 56742a5f9a i prefer for the top ads to be over the boardlist 8 years ago
ctrlcctrlv acb4c47a9f Allow for HTML in the board subtitle 9 years ago
ctrlcctrlv d4a1ae3595 Advertisements 9 years ago
ctrlcctrlv b8921508fe Allow for HTML in the board subtitle 9 years ago
Michael Foster 4fce9b63ae Major config.php cleanup and a few minor misc fixes. 9 years ago
czaks 6317a70152 header abstraction: abstracted also in thread.html 9 years ago
Michael Foster 123a72d7de Convert to UNIX line endings 9 years ago
Michael Foster 46edec0f2d Bug with last commit 9 years ago
Michael Foster 1132a4ce79 Option to use font-awesome for sticky/lock icons, etc. 9 years ago