63 Commits (2d16e747a18ba900ec220a4303249402c19dcd37)

Author SHA1 Message Date
discomrade 531ca787e4 Generalize ignoring sticky threads on overboard catalogs 4 months ago
discomrade e1f78e79d7 Add catalog thumbnails for file placeholder, handle the first of multiple OP images being deleted 4 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 296aca7d0e remove prints 7 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 1668cbca9b Fix overboard generation 7 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 6735125ffa Revert "Revert "Add SFW overboard theme"" 7 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 9acdacbb35 Revert "Add SFW overboard theme" 7 months ago
discomrade 0f02110b1c Define excluded boards as array to simplify code 8 months ago
discomrade f542f4bf1c Explicitly reference variable 8 months ago
discomrade 8491fd61a8 Allow arbritary overboard creation, make catalog compatible 8 months ago
discomrade eb652322a2 Revert "Add SFW overboard and its catalog option" 8 months ago
discomrade 24fcb96404 Add SFW overboard and its catalog option 8 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 43a6a67844 Improve robustness when moving / merging threads 12 months ago
Dedushka aa21f4cc6d
Allow posting from catalog. 1 year ago
nonmakina 9ec85e96c2 fixes breaking changes 1 year ago
nonmakina 5f27a5a050 fixes breaking changes 1 year ago
Pietro Carrara bdd37d3322 Add board data on all catalogs, rename overboard 'replies' and 'images' fields to keep consistency 1 year ago
Pietro Carrara eafcce12cf Correctly page the overboard json 1 year ago
Pietro Carrara 24b9b8bafd Only rebuild the catalog for the overboard 1 year ago
Pietro Carrara 8e2a6ccb9d Wrap overboard api threads inside a page 1 year ago
Pietro Carrara 7004f2b437 Build overboard json 1 year ago
nonmakina 57c9cba982 stale comment 1 year ago
nonmakina a3e2af403b Adds limit to overboard catalog 1 year ago
nonmakina 5b57d35a4c fixes path for catalog. fixes syntax bugs. 1 year ago
nonmakina 4ee8f9349a Add overboard catalog to the rebuild-all action 1 year ago
nonmakina 1251fa01e7 adds catalog for overboard 1 year ago
nonmakina 87b0e972ee fixes path for image_deleted 1 year ago
Barbara Pitt 6105a778b6 issue#21 - fixing catalog stickies 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol d34e4f6828 WIP 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol 740abd82d7 retab 1 year ago
Benjamin Southall 1792bf48ee Added missing brackets for catalog lock handling 2 years ago
Benjamin Southall 391f63e31f Rebuild themes after stickying or locking post, so that catalog gets rebuilt 2 years ago
Benjamin Southall 0fcae437d4 Add ukko4 theme to catalog theme 4 years ago
Benjamin Southall 7589bc3843 Remove additional unecessary logging 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 91ab810a5d Add support for Ukko2 and Ukko3 included boards overboards to Catalog theme / extension 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall a5c79ff638 Adding board name to title of catalog theme 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 31b69902bb Add catalog support to all of rand, semi,rand and ukko themes 5 years ago
czaks b6f0317bde advanced build (1/2): a small refactor of index generating procedure; generation strategies 6 years ago
8chan ae4eb4d3d9 RSS 7 years ago
8chan 632d0a76d0 Display placeholder if no file in catalog/theme.php; czaks: fix the code a bit 7 years ago
Matěj Grabovský 1c641eb46b Add catalog for Ukko 7 years ago
czaks 61d2729a40 themes can use smart_build now 7 years ago
Matěj Grabovský 3e53a9e4e6 Bring mixitup.js back 7 years ago
Matěj Grabovský 37c5e4f860 Make catalog look OK even with JS disabled 7 years ago
czaks 7d92a05bd8 ... 7 years ago
czaks bdb6001f3f support for slugified links; may introduce a few bugs 7 years ago
czaks a25e5f7839 additional measurements for catalog, so it does not throw errors; should fix vichan-devel#84 7 years ago
marlencrabapple 14cd12ff2a Fixed spoiler images in the catalog theme. 7 years ago
Ian Bradley cff2af99d5 Fixed blank catalog image count when zero image replies and threads with deleted files from being excluded 7 years ago
czaks 05e7ad0b56 ongoing catalog cleanup 8 years ago
czaks 4df5d7697d fix & optimize catalog a little bit, don't expect anything big yet 8 years ago