66 Commits (2d16e747a18ba900ec220a4303249402c19dcd37)

Author SHA1 Message Date
nonmakina 15b975ac32 JS fixes, for realz x2 7 months ago
nonmakina c8c0b04492 fixes quick reply 7 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol ab8b4b9524 defer additional_javascript 7 months ago
discomrade d4b8be83aa Add margin to flag preview image 7 months ago
discomrade c54a15e6d6 Create flag preview 8 months ago
discomrade 89b2a8af97 Add automatic and manual reloading of captchas 9 months ago
discomrade a1bdba3770 Add basic captcha 9 months ago
Benjamin Southall 33b60b860c Fixes You look like a bot (reCaptcha window doesn't appear) #159, straight implementation of upstream https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/pull/241, the template changes which the previous commit forgot 2 years ago
Benjamin Southall 1fef7c0b8e Add antibot to post form in attempt to ensure posting from overboards is not incorrectly flagged as spam by the tinyboard antispam engine 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall a16122329f Add ['overboard_post_form'] to allow overboard post forms. Adjustments to ukko theme to support this 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall ef41b1622d Adding support for multiple file upload using URLs, previously only one URL was supported. Also removes duplicate slack reporting merge. 5 years ago
Michael Walker a7e9b3e853 Fix Twig templte syntax error 5 years ago
Kashire 60e849bad0 Re-implimenting the spoiler button 5 years ago
czaks 271dcb7a65 fileboard: fix possible XSS (mainly applicable to 8chan) 7 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 4014682882 fileboard support 7 years ago
czaks 745bdc2b6c password is text nao, fuck you chrome 7 years ago
czaks 765dea599b trivial fixes to file-selector.js 7 years ago
8chan f26256f55a Make file selector work, add to config 7 years ago
marktaiwan 6e84a25f9a Adds keyboard focus to file selector 7 years ago
marktaiwan 0005f11098 initialize file selector soon as it's loaded 7 years ago
marktaiwan 3bd7f94861 Fallback for browsers that disables javascript 7 years ago
Michael Walker c1c8e387f6 Allow the comment box to be disabled in the post form 7 years ago
Michael Walker 08ad292ae0 Incorporate post form style changes (mostly yuuko) 7 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 23c73ca839 Allow the user to decide whether or not he wants to display his country 7 years ago
Jano Slota cadfa2cee9 Do not show noko in email selectbox if it's disabled 8 years ago
kaf f83c87b623 Added: /pol/-like flags based on a953229de7 8 years ago
czaks 15c0802c06 Disable the sucky chrome autofill 8 years ago
czaks 5c9c095e84 okay, that dready css rule refered to this... 8 years ago
czaks b36cb115ae solution of (our) quick-reply and antispam conflict 8 years ago
czaks ed16e40e20 upload: add ids for a script for selection 9 years ago
ctrlcctrlv 7c5222ffb5 Make it so oekaki can be disabled 9 years ago
Michael Foster 0de0bc6ceb Optional: Allow uploading by URL 9 years ago
czaks ef4cf16a73 fix submit button not showing when topic disabled (after merge) 9 years ago
ctrlcctrlv 78ea9af97c Oekaki 9 years ago
ctrlcctrlv 7205801ced Optionally use email selectbox 9 years ago
czaks 2cc0769f54 Revert "Merge branch 'master' of github.com:vichan-devel/Tinyboard" 9 years ago
Michael Foster a3fbff2259 Update $config['try_smarter']. Should be working now. 9 years ago
czaks 5710575d1d Revert "Disable autocomplete": this breaks access to post text after an error, at least in Firefox 9 years ago
czaks dc84ccc6a8 Revert "Disable autocomplete": this breaks access to post text after an error, at least in Firefox 9 years ago
czaks b7d884ef45 recaptcha: fix for https 9 years ago
Michael Foster 90b82b1a06 Disable autocomplete 9 years ago
Michael Foster 889945f50c Hide "flags" section in posting form if user doesn't have permission to do anything special 9 years ago
czaks 97a22e57c1 Remove imgcaptcha, this code is unused in any of our forks and needs work to get here back. 9 years ago
Czterooki 5b92f99818 templates/post_form.html 9 years ago
czaks 786ac5c55c recaptcha: fix for https 9 years ago
Marcin Łabanowski 6961f5b8b5 post_form: move submit button upper when thread field is disabled 9 years ago
Macil Tech 0da1c18a7f Add field_disable_subject and field_disable_reply_subject config options. 10 years ago
asiekierka 938362860c fixed template 9 years ago
asiekierka 549ecc200e added imgcaptcha files 9 years ago
asiekierka 7898de2589 Added tinyboard integration stuff 9 years ago