397 Commits (2d16e747a18ba900ec220a4303249402c19dcd37)

Author SHA1 Message Date
discomrade edfce2ead5 Enforce maximum length of ban appeal 6 months ago
discomrade b17da5c8d8 Fix typos in https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/pull/336 6 months ago
discomrade 1c0d712bc8 Fix 387ebe9c0c , extract limit to variable 7 months ago
vholmes cf7f96c0ad Prevents reports with too many characters 5 years ago
discomrade 816b593aa1
Recalculate filesize after stripping metadata 7 months ago
discomrade b55efb61ed Redirect to thread after deleting child post 7 months ago
discomrade 045ae89764 Improve filter 7 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol b64086ff26 Remove duplicate block for captcha to work on dev 9 months ago
discomrade a1bdba3770 Add basic captcha 9 months ago
nonmakina c838a10bce Adds checks for mod permissions to delete posts in board 1 year ago
nonmakina 8c842362bb If mod, bypass password on delete 1 year ago
nonmakina 906ed844d3 Implements fixes and changes to be able to view the bumplock status of a thread 1 year ago
nonmakina 02b4b96ffb Whitespace and removed error. 1 year ago
nonmakina c04c9bcb6a Removes ability to delete own threads. 1 year ago
nonmakina 554c51aa91 Fixes reporting function 1 year ago
towards-a-new-leftypol dfcb1c6fbd Retab post.php so that tabs are now 4 spaces. 1 year ago
towards-a-new-leftypol d0540a71d0 Remove debugging print statements I put in a long time ago from post.php 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol 07babc37ed WIP 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol c595bfbabd print statements and relax rules in config 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol 3fc760640c Print statements everywhere 1 year ago
Benjamin Southall 2404e6074c Fixes You look like a bot (reCaptcha window doesn't appear) #159, straight implementation of upstream https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/pull/241, but I bumped the jquery version. 2 years ago
Benjamin Southall 9b513c0900 As per vichan upstream move locked board check to after openBoard call in handle_post. Unlike upstream , the board being locked doesn't stop reports or deletions being processed for that board, just new posts 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall 53ffe8f49c Initial post.php refactor into handler functions 3 years ago
Master Splinter 6f905fca2c Update post.php 4 years ago
Benjamin Southall 6041e37216 Add warning without ban, joke capcode support, SC editor support, home link support, table for calender theme / extension, removing boardalias duplicate citations in markup and other features 4 years ago
Benjamin Southall d7e1b30b0e Partial merge of 736e982945 [SECURITY] Lessen security impact 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall b91432727c Implemented fix for Invalid link_for call referencing deleted thread when op is deleted #98 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 9b9b0f0a7e Add isempty check for POST variable for multi file upload via URL 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall ef41b1622d Adding support for multiple file upload using URLs, previously only one URL was supported. Also removes duplicate slack reporting merge. 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall f36222c0e9 Initial implementation of Feature Req: board-independent file size management #4. Using ['board_specific'][['uri']]['max_filesize'] as maximum file size if avaliable otherwise using config['max_filesize'] as default 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall f3a5eb0940 Initial implementation for Thumbnails for PDFs / other things #6, requires ['pdf_file_thumbnail'] is set to true and using convert from imagemagick. If ['pdf_file_thumbnail'] is false then it uses standard configured static file icon 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 2c678488ee Add additonal brackets to min_body post length check in order to ensure operation precedence 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall b4c53e4474 Fix relative path to temporary directory for Tesseract OCR 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 7f53755f75 When reporting posts return to the reported post, instead of generating a new page 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall d83376f155 Add min_body configuration option for post too short check 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 5feae402cb Changes to report notification callback to Slack HTTP endpoint 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall ea9da7da61 Make slack report notifier, donate page, irc page and radio page use configuration variables instead of hard coding values. 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 5af60d1e33 Remove leading space from ReportNotifier Slack Message 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 59cc269cd7 Change ReportNotifier SlackMessage format 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall d09953da07 ReportNotifier Slack notification support 5 years ago
jove f0a625b238 Adds proper fatal error handling and fixes CLI error reporting. 5 years ago
ReCaffeinated d0d83ab8d7 We're reworking the error handler# 6 years ago
czaks a5e7b3da6f nntpchan: work around php nonsense 6 years ago
czaks a779b96370 second iteration of nntpchan implementation 6 years ago
czaks 5e335a8564 preliminary inbound nntpchan support 6 years ago
ptchan-foss 8548a4ff70 Fixed report syslog message 6 years ago
nekomiko482 a55760299c Fixes incompatibility with BSD's md5 output format. 6 years ago
czaks 11cecf8452 Revert "[BUG] Image reject repost board option now also affects YT embeds" 6 years ago
czaks e230f1472c don`t ocr non-images 6 years ago
czaks 8a46c7a0d5 tesseract OCR support for spamfilters 6 years ago