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discomrade 77da46c424 Remove newlines and modifiers from thread title 4 months ago
nonmakina 15b975ac32 JS fixes, for realz x2 7 months ago
nonmakina 44d8d2d0d5 Refactor deferred js 7 months ago
discomrade 3bd090995d Fix combining character set, allow limit for combining characters 7 months ago
discomrade 217e873e88
Prevent double-encoding of HTML entities in [code] 7 months ago
Pietro Carrara bdd37d3322 Add board data on all catalogs, rename overboard 'replies' and 'images' fields to keep consistency 1 year ago
towards-a-new-leftypol cc5c2780a5 chmod 644 1 year ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 8a2f3a0028 This seems to work better with unicode values 1 year ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 361a5babef Remove print statements 1 year ago
Barbara Pitt 2eaf359bcd issue#35 - lookahead regex bug on quotes and crossboard quotes 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol 80dc724738 lots of print statements 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol c595bfbabd print statements and relax rules in config 1 year ago
towards_a_new_leftypol 3fc760640c Print statements everywhere 1 year ago
gamer551 1c0551edad
anti bump flood (#173) 2 years ago
Benjamin Southall c1b0012920 Fix cross board linking support for board aliases. Note this doesn't have overboard support yet 2 years ago
Benjamin Southall 2404e6074c Fixes You look like a bot (reCaptcha window doesn't appear) #159, straight implementation of upstream https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/pull/241, but I bumped the jquery version. 2 years ago
Benjamin Southall 81d0bd72c0 Add support for gopher url:// markup as hyperlinks 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall 66cfae8f3f Change capcode binding from int to string, needed for newer PHP support 3 years ago
Benjamin Southall 6041e37216 Add warning without ban, joke capcode support, SC editor support, home link support, table for calender theme / extension, removing boardalias duplicate citations in markup and other features 4 years ago
Benjamin Southall 257ead7313 Merge pull request from vichan-devel/vichan#200 from seisatsu/patch-2 Fix typo in max_images comment , Adding early 404 staged from 40fe35fedc 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 47a45da7a7 Fix mod_view_board for ukko / overboard theme / extension. Add support for boards_alias to mod_view_board and initial preliminary support to markup for crossboard citations 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall bf1e627c59 Thumbnails for PDFs / other things #6 When locale fails to be loaded fallback on C.UTF-8 instead of C, so that boards with unicode characters in the name are not stripped by escape_shell_args 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall 302a27742a Added support for anonymous name generator to be a function in addition to being an array of names 5 years ago
Benjamin Southall c9edbdc1c8 Add support for ignoring URLs when using word filters 5 years ago
jove bbb8075166 Overhauls error handling. 5 years ago
Michael Walker 96ed11a536 Revert "Error overhaul" 5 years ago
jove 77b99b2c4f Finishes error reworking. 6 years ago
ReCaffeinated d0d83ab8d7 We're reworking the error handler# 6 years ago
czaks 0b19051891 fix a notice; increase waiting time for dns 6 years ago
czaks 11cecf8452 Revert "[BUG] Image reject repost board option now also affects YT embeds" 6 years ago
czaks d2bb4a776f fail gracefully on no thumbnail 6 years ago
czaks 8a46c7a0d5 tesseract OCR support for spamfilters 6 years ago
czaks 52fe9bc873 fix sane_strategy for advanced build. should fix the ajax.js problem. 6 years ago
czaks f24e0f9814 optimize out openboard when we don`t need it. a big performance improvement too 🏎 6 years ago
czaks 12e6aba5d4 (2/2) advanced build. implement a daemon that will build static pages. 6 years ago
czaks e265375475 fixup 6 years ago
czaks b6f0317bde advanced build (1/2): a small refactor of index generating procedure; generation strategies 6 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 505adffcdc Cyclical threads ♺ 7 years ago
czaks ab02a42725 maybe we can try to load Parsedown, after all we can silence the error 6 years ago
czaks d726eaf195 we don't have a htmlpurifier yet ;_; 6 years ago
Fredrick Brennan 95b1e103cb Edit static pages commit 7 years ago
8chan 7911c374e8 Public action logs commit (log.php) 7 years ago
8chan 6dd1420f91 Add event to quote backlinks 7 years ago
8chan ce3ce4f1b6 Fix *0 secure tripcodes caused by accidentally feeding + signs to crypt() 7 years ago
8chan 7831da83fc New event: rebuildpost, allows you to bind events to ?/edit 7 years ago
Fredrick Brennan b476b66007 [BUG] Image reject repost board option now also affects YT embeds 7 years ago
czaks 126ee42b9d better rules for stripping combined chars, based on 45c0d327619 by @ctrlcctrlv 6 years ago
8chan 7a7574bdca SECURITY / XSS : ?/edit allowed arbitrary HTML to be added by any user thru addition of <tinyboard raw html>1</tinyboard> 7 years ago
8chan 6b04b3c671 Fix post deletion 7 years ago
czaks 77176faece enable javascript in mod panel 6 years ago