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discomrade 1e690333a8 Remove instance configuration 8 months ago
nonmakina dcf92dfef5
Merge pull request #348 from discomrade/ban-appeal-limit 10 months ago
discomrade edfce2ead5 Enforce maximum length of ban appeal 10 months ago
nonmakina 4192f85baf
Merge pull request #346 from towards-a-new-leftypol/wordfilter-fbi 10 months ago
nonmakina 8469d905c2
Merge pull request #345 from discomrade/reporttoolong-fix 10 months ago
discomrade 939cf59179
Reduce overreach of fbi.gov filter 10 months ago
discomrade b17da5c8d8 Fix typos in https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan/pull/336 10 months ago
nonmakina 9a46b8f9b1
Merge pull request #332 from discomrade/vichan-0d7ee48 10 months ago
nonmakina 9877850ad7
Merge pull request #343 from discomrade/vichan-sharp-theme 10 months ago
nonmakina fea41b453d
Merge pull request #324 from towards-a-new-leftypol/remove-autoupdates 10 months ago
nonmakina 530ba01d7d
Merge pull request #325 from discomrade/remove-tinyboard 10 months ago
nonmakina 4073bf0b88
Merge pull request #336 from discomrade/vichan-report-length 10 months ago
nonmakina 4430cf8f09
Merge pull request #344 from discomrade/appeals-count 10 months ago
nonmakina e8e43ed4fe
Merge pull request #330 from towards-a-new-leftypol/remove-scripts-config 10 months ago
nonmakina 0fbbb37fad
Merge pull request #328 from towards-a-new-leftypol/filter-update-21-07-21 10 months ago
discomrade cc55c05455 Show ban appeal count on mod dashboard 10 months ago
Daniel Saunders 7c276b4d2d Minor changes to form and boardlist in sharp.css 5 years ago
Daniel Saunders a349fff2a8 Color fixes (sharp.css) 5 years ago
Daniel Saunders 2d7838ea74 fuck go back 5 years ago
Daniel Saunders 9122d9280c Fixes to sharp.css including some cross-platform font support 5 years ago
Daniel Saunders d7962d5e39 Added sharp.css 5 years ago
discomrade 1c0d712bc8 Fix 387ebe9c0c , extract limit to variable 11 months ago
discomrade e2c769cb0f Give descriptive name to report too long error 11 months ago
vholmes cf7f96c0ad Prevents reports with too many characters 5 years ago
discomrade 2bfc791266 Extract bad defaults to instance-config.php, from 77f3bf0d16, updates documentation 11 months ago
discomrade afae156a04
Remove additonal scripts 10 months ago
nonmakina 6fecd8e004
Merge pull request #320 from towards-a-new-leftypol/minecraft_banner 10 months ago
discomrade 919209c8f4
Add IPA symbols to wordfilter alias letters 10 months ago
discomrade 193b9a68bb
Update wordfilters 10 months ago
discomrade 164a7e5515 Change public Tinyboard and vichan links 10 months ago
discomrade 7d2af226ca
Set update-checking to false by default. 10 months ago
towards-a-new-leftypol 01c09f2a73 Add new banner 10 months ago
nonmakina 5faa622303
Merge pull request #316 from nonmakina/jsFixes2 11 months ago
nonmakina 15b975ac32 JS fixes, for realz x2 11 months ago
nonmakina 72574f0161
Merge pull request #315 from nonmakina/refactorDeferredJs 11 months ago
nonmakina c8c0b04492 fixes quick reply 11 months ago
nonmakina 984b57063d Moves post hover and others to fix loading issue. Minifies and compiles 11 months ago
nonmakina 44d8d2d0d5 Refactor deferred js 11 months ago
nonmakina c02d3f17fa
Merge pull request #307 from PietroCarrara/config 11 months ago
nonmakina 648e97e20f
Merge pull request #313 from discomrade/banner-size 11 months ago
nonmakina 937865b7ba
Merge pull request #308 from discomrade/defer-javascript 11 months ago
nonmakina fe280cdc12
Merge branch 'config' into defer-javascript 11 months ago
nonmakina 53212e841b
Merge pull request #311 from discomrade/arabic-fix 11 months ago
nonmakina 7565691f39
Merge pull request #310 from discomrade/conf-banner-change 11 months ago
nonmakina 6098b98c11
Merge pull request #309 from discomrade/demain-update 11 months ago
nonmakina 79efd69baf
Merge pull request #301 from discomrade/ip-maxlength 11 months ago
nonmakina f89b5cdff0
Merge pull request #306 from towards-a-new-leftypol/code-markup-encoding 11 months ago
nonmakina 39e60fe6d8
Merge pull request #305 from towards-a-new-leftypol/recalculate-filesize 11 months ago
nonmakina 9086e0ee93
Merge pull request #303 from towards-a-new-leftypol/thread-stats-1 11 months ago
nonmakina 35fb1c7408
Merge pull request #300 from towards-a-new-leftypol/chud-filter 11 months ago