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# Tinyboard - A lightweight PHP imageboard.
## About
13 years ago
Tinyboard is an imageboard software package written in PHP. It aims to maintain a stable, fast, clean, robust and user-friendly engine for imageboards. You can contact the development team or learn more at []( or on IRC at [ #tinyboard](irc://
## Requirements
1. PHP >= 5.2.5
13 years ago
2. [mbstring]( (--enable-mbstring)
13 years ago
3. [PHP-GD](
13 years ago
4. [PHP-PDO]( with appropriate <del>[driver for your database](</del> (only MySQL is supported at the moment)
## Installation
See <>.
## Documentation
Documentation can be found at <>.
## License
13 years ago
See []( for the license.