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# Tinyboard - A lightweight PHP imageboard.
## About
Tinyboard is an imageboard software package written in PHP. It aims to maintain a stable, fast, clean and user-friendly engine for imageboards. Development for Tinyboard started in October 2010. You can contact the development team over IRC at [][o] or on IRC at [ #tinyboard][i].
Tinyboard is not currently at a stable state.
[i]: irc://
## Requirements
1. PHP >= 5.2.0
2. php-gd
3. php-pdo with appropriate driver for your database
## Installation
13 years ago
1. Tinyboard requires an SQL database and a user to work. Create one.
2. Import 'install.sql' into the database. There are several ways to do this.
- using phpMyAdmin
- `mysql -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASE < install.sql`
3. Edit 'instance-config.php' to suit your installation. You should copy some values from '[inc/config.php][c]' to redefine them in the instance-config.
13 years ago
4. Make sure that the Tinyboard directory is writable. Depending on your setup, you may need to `chmod` "." to 777, with `chmod 777 .`
5. Ensure everything is okay by running [test.php][t] in a browser. The script will try and help you correct your errors.
6. Run the [post.php][p] script. It should create an index.html and redirect you to it if everything is okay.
7. Optional (highly recommended): Either delete or chmod as unreadable the following files: [test.php][t], [install.sql][i], and this [README][r].
13 years ago
An automated installation script will be completed soon.
## Documentation
Visit the development wiki at [][o] for help.
## License
See [][l] for license.